Consulting Services

Over nearly 50 years, we have performed over 400 business consulting assignments in more than 40 countries. Intelatus Global Partners has been providing solutions to a range of industries since 1973 including
• Offshore oil and gas
• Renewables and energy transition
• Ports and terminals
• Transport and logistics
• Shipbuilding and ship repair
• Engineering and construction
• Manufacturing
• Financial institutions

Recent Projects

  • Floating Oil Storage
    ‐ Shell engaged IMA to study options for installing a floating storage vessel (FSO) on a shallow water gas field offshore Nigeria. We evaluated the feasibility of modifying an existing FSO in comparison to converting a 5-10 year old trading tanker to an FSO. Cost estimates were prepared for each option and a plan of action recommended.
  • Middle East OSV market
    ‐ A Japanese client requested an analysis of current and future market conditions in the Middle East offshore support vessel sector. We segmented the market, interviewed key OSV operators, profiled the competitive landscape and forecast activity levels over the following five years.
  • Floating Production
    ‐ IMA has made a specialty of tracking and forecasting business conditions in the global floating production sector. We have been active in this sector since the mid-1990s and have undertaken market analysis and business planning assignments for numerous field operators and suppliers. IMA has developed and maintains a detailed proprietary database on floating production systems and projects.
  • Offshore Wind Power
    ‐ This is another specialty area that IMA has targeted and we maintain a detailed database of global offshore wind projects at all stages of the planning cycle. We have prepared several multi- client studies in the sector. The most recent has been an in-depth evaluation of more than 340 wind projects currently in the planning and development stage offshore the US.
  • Wind Installation Vessels
    ‐ WER prepared a multi-client study of future global requirements for wind turbine and foundation installation vessels to support the future development of offshore wind projects. The study forecast the number of vessels required to install and maintain wind turbines through 2030, and profiled the current and future competitive landscape.
  • US Energy Sector
    ‐ An Asian client asked IMA to prepare a detailed analysis of developments in the US energy sector that resulted from the abrupt COVID virus-driven market downturn in 2020/21. We examined 40 companies in the US energy supply chain to identify the impact of the downturn on their financial condition and evaluated the strategy each is employing to rebuild their balance sheet.
  • European Maritime Decarbonization
    ‐ for a Japanese client we identified and studied actions taken or planned by European companies in the maritime sector to set decarbonization goals and reduce CO2 emissions. We have examined 100 companies and organizations, including all of the major shipping companies, ship builders and designers, port authorities equipment manufactures, and cargo owners.
  • LNG Sector
    ‐ IMA has prepared several analysis for clients in the LNG sector. They include a multi-client study that forecast the requirement for global gas imports and assistance to a client in developing a plan to establish an LNG regasification terminal in Ghana

How We Help

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